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Fake Eagle

Future House, Color House, Tech House Tech

Hello !Hi there! I’m Fake Eagle – music producer from Poland. I started producing music back in 2015 just for fun. For over 8 years it has become a huge part of my life. I’ve tried so many genres during those years but house, especially bass, tech and electro house turned out to be the closest to my heart. My music has been played by names such as Don Diablo, Showtek, TeamMBL and many more.

I also love kebab, the best food lol




Hello !
I’m SIRVO! My passion is music and all about it. I started my adventure with music production in 2014 and have a goal that I want to achieve and strive for it with all my heart. My first productions were really close to trance and drum and bass genres. When I first heard future house I immediately knew that this genre appeals to me the most. I met many artists who became my huge inspiration like Illenium, Martin Garrix, Brooks, Dirty Palm, Mesto. I would like to convey in my tracks the most of myself, and the emotion that flows out of me. I’m glad that I got to where I am. Making music is already in my DNA 😄. In my country, edm music is just beginning to flourish. I am glad that I can be one of the artists supporting Poland in this genre.


Drum & Bass Tech

Drum & Bass producer from Poland (living in Germany) founded in 2021. Debut single “Dark Matter” released on October the 29th 2021. Bevent crafts very wide spectrum of D&B from liquid, melodic stuff to neurofunk. On June 6, 2023 he released debut EP called “Let Me In” via ION Recordings



Future Bass, Chillstep, Melodic Dubstep

“ShayD” – an alias crossover from “shy” and “shade”. Taking inspiration from Dabin,ILLENIUM, MitiS, Said the Sky, Trivecta, and Seven Lions he is chasing his dreams to be a part of electronic music world. This amazing EDM family influencers made a huge impact into creation process of his sound style. ShayD certainly shows no signs of slowing down, with plenty of new emotional tracks in the future!

Marek “ShayD” Rzepka

Co-owner OXYRAIN Records
Marketing and Distribution Services

Krzysztof “Sirvo” Rzymek

Co-owner OXYRAIN Records
Concept Video and Graphic Designer

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